The Project

One of the first public commemorations of the pandemic, COVID in the House of Old brings stories from a national humanitarian crisis to Canadians and asks them to take action. 

The exhibit was created by Megan J. Davies (curator, writer, interviewer) with Hiroki Tanaka (artist, musician, digital creator) and Kohen Hammond (audio editor, podcast producer).

Thank you to the people who breathed life into this project: 

Pat Armstrong, Matthew Assiniwe, Albert Banerjee, Rachel Barken, Anne Marie Barrett, Doreen Bible, Michele Billung-Meyer, Bernadette Cheung, Antoniette Cheung, Colin Coates, Bryn Coates-Davies, Mab Coates-Davies, Stephen Collis, Linda Croall, “Esther”, Courtney Fraser, Kim Fraser, Stephen Goring, Sally Gose, Noreen Grange, Bruce Grond, Helen Grond, Jacobus Grond, Steve Hammond, Sonia Hardern, Margot Harrison, Cindy Jiang, Paula Jardine, Anne Kelly, Mary-Ellen Kelm, Michelle LeBlanc, Ron Lee, Gabriel Levine, Karen Ann Lewis, Nora Loreto, Christine Lyons, Darrel Manitowabi, Sharon Meen, Tamara Myers, Judith N, Lori Nawrot, Michelle Nyberg, Cheryl Osawabine-Peltier, Caroline Paulson, Joy Paulson, Maria Anna Parolin, Diane Purvey, Jen Rinaldi, Elaine Savoie, Marcie Schlick, Andrew Sixsmith, Linda Steele, Jim Struthers, Pat Thane, Jessica Ticar, Ethel Tungohan, the manager at the Cloverdale paint store in Kitsilano, participants in the Old Age Care in Times of Crisis Symposium, April 2021, London, UK.

And special gratitude to these essential creatives:

Taliya Cohen
Dorli Duffy 
Susan Heximer 
Carol Macdonald
Marina Morrow
Robert Penrose
Rose Stanton
Oliver Sutherns

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This project was supported by a Jack and Doris Shadbolt Fellowship in the Humanities and the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University and York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.