COVID-19 made Canada the ultimate grim reaper among the nations of the Global North. Why? Because 82% of our first-wave deaths were vulnerable elderly residents of long-term care facilities. 

And, yes, you do need to know more about this. 

Reviewing the pandemic’s first 20 months, and delving into a cornucopia of eldercare issues, host Megan J. Davies talks to an eclectic cast of characters: a journalist who set out to keep a tally of the deaths and ended up a Go-Fund-Me star, a nurse in charge of infection control at Toronto’s largest public care facility, a resident who rebelled against being shut inside, a gerontologist who was born in an old age home, a sociologist who has spent a decade searching for the best in eldercare, and a public artist committed to moving grief out of the Kleenex box and into the community.

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